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5 Reasons Why Daiso’s Marketing Strategy Works

A large franchise of 100-yen shops founded in Japan, Daiso is now operational in about 25 countries worldwide. Daiso has a range of 100,000 products 40% of which are imported from China. Why exactly is Daiso so popular? This is because of their marketing strategy. Here are 5 reasons why Daiso’s marketing strategy works.

Brand Image

Daiso focuses on providing goods that are of high quality and beloved amongst their customers. In accordance with this, their products and services are of high quality, valuable to customers and they also build customer experience. By following these aspects Daiso keeps their customers coming back to their stores repeatedly.

Centered on consumer’s experiences, this strategy of Daiso helps in building their relationships with their consumers, thus ensuring consumer loyalty.

Global Distribution Network

With their global distribution network, Daiso has grown large in the recent years. With stores popping up in about 25 countries worldwide and an advertising campaign that prioritizes on consumer satisfaction it’s no surprise that Daiso’s global operations is successful.

Moreover, they select their global expansion network very carefully. They select which countries their branches in very carefully, establishing stores in countries such as India, Brazil, UK and China.

Investment In Innovation And R&D

Another reason why Daiso’s marketing strategy works is because they invest heavily in Research and Development in order to come up with products that are consistently of hood quality, while also taking into consideration the consumer’s demands and feedback.

The investment in R&D also includes investing in the establishment of a stable IT network, marketing, product design, and process optimization.

Considering Demands And Feedback Of Their Consumers

Daiso also invests in collecting surveys that record the interests, preferences and feedback from their consumers. As their primary target audience is families with children, Daiso also ensures to keep product designs in tune with their demands.

Overall Positive Response And Reputation Of The Brand

An overall positive response from consumers and a good general reputation of the brand goes a long way in ensuring continued business for a long time. Customers pleased with their products spread information through word of mouth, thus bringing more attention to the brand.

Daiso has managed to hold this image and reputation for a long time now, thus ensuring continued profitable business, even in the face of heavy competition.


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