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5 Reasons Why Uniqlo’s Marketing Strategy Works

Uniqlo is a Japanese brand that has now gained worldwide popularity because of products which are of high quality, priced at affordable rates and available to all. In just 20 years, the brand has established more than 1300 stores worldwide that are spread across 15 countries. Here are 5 reasons that explain how Uniqlo’s marketing strategy has helped the company flourish.

Establishing The Composition Of Their Target Audience

What makes Uniqlo’s marketing strategy unique as compared to other brands’ marketing strategy is the fact that they select and plan their target audience extensively. This means to say that they have a very specific set of values like gender, age, area of residence (urban/ suburban), and work (working class) that they use to promote their products to.

Thus, by specifically designing products for this group of people i.e., their target audience, their marketing strategy becomes solely meant for one group of people, and there is no wastage of resources on promoting their brand to those people who would not bother with such promotions/ pay attention to their ads.

Brand Strategy And Innovation

Another reason why Uniqlo’s marketing strategy works is because they choose to create products that are innovative and are yet minimalistic. They do not run the same race that all their competitors are running, nor do they fall prey to following temporary trends.

By doing so, they’re already setting themselves apart from their competitors, and are designing products that are focused on expression of emotions.

Brand Equity

Uniqlo’s consistency in producing customer pleasing products also works in their favour. They create and market products that are not only innovative and minimalistic, but also consistently affordable and in demand amongst customers.

Their marketing strategy too is a reflection of this, given that they have simple marketing campaigns, operations and communications, thus increasing the appeal of the brand.

Advertising Campaigns

Uniqlo’s marketing strategy also strongly depends on their advertising campaigns. Initially starting out with TV commercials, and printed ads in the form of marketing flyers, Uniqlo now applies a range of various techniques to advertise their products.

These techniques include celebrity endorsements, digital marketing as well as an international campaign which was termed the ‘Uniqlo Jump’ and used to advertise their winter and autumn collection.

In-Store Experience

One of the main tactics that sets Uniqlo apart from their competitors is their brilliant in-store experience. Their stores have various digital in-store experiences. These in-store experiences explain the benefits and pros of their apparel as well as provide a memorable reason to keep the customers coming back to their stores for more.

Thus, by using their marketing strategy, Uniqlo has been able to grow into a multinational corporation worldwide. They serve as an inspiration to any brand who look to increase their reach and achieve success.


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