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5 Reasons Why Ikea’s Marketing Strategy Works

Ikea is a globally popular furniture brand, specialising in the sale of ready-to-assemble furniture and is the world’s largest furniture retailer since 2008. With a big consumer base spanning across varied age groups, Ikea is the first-place people go to for ready-to-assemble furniture. What makes Ikea so popular is its brilliant marketing strategy. Here are 5 reasons why Ikea’s marketing strategy works.

Instantly Recognizable As A Brand

Ikea’s signature move is one many brands try to replicate in their respective businesses. Ikea employs a recognizable theme across its various products consistently, so that one can recognize the product on first glance.

This theme is not only constant but is also creative and catches the eye of the consumer quite easily.

Flexibility In Product Sale Options

Another reason why Ikea’s marketing strategy works is because they market their products in such a way that their customers know that there is flexibility in their buying options. This means that customers at Ikea have a large mix of choices to choose from.

This also means that Ikea offers to its customers what other furniture brands fail to offer: a way to put together their own customized Ikea product that is unique to them.

Keeping In Trend With The Moving Times

Ikea is also known for keeping up with the latest popular trends of today, such as environmental concerns, emphasis on reusability and increase in demand for durable products rather than use-and-throw products.

This up-keep draws more and more customers their way, who are looking for environmentally conscious, and environment friendly brands to invest in.

Collaborating With Celebrities In A Unique Way

You might have heard of celebrities being roped in to endorse a product, but Ikea went a step further and had an entire comedic series showing celebrities working with Ikea products in the show 'Easy to Assemble'. Featuring big names such as Jeff Goldblum and Illeana Douglas, this was a risky marketing tactic.

However, it succeeded in what it set out to do: bring more attention onto the brand, and increase their sales.

Blurring The Lines Between Expectations And Reality

Another one of Ikea’s marketing strategy that sets it apart from other brands is the fact that they blur the lines between the consumer’s expectation of their furniture and the actual reality. With the creation of the Ikea Place app that uses Augmented Reality (AR) to show the user the real time view of how their furniture will fit into their living space, Ikea managed to garner a lot of attention and interest.

Thus, with innovative technology such as the one mentioned above, Ikea is not only making a name for itself but also holding on to that name.


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