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5 Reasons You Should Be Active in Pinterest For Your Business

In an environment where social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are popular choices for businesses to advertise and promote their business, Pinterest is an underrated platform that you should considered actively doing business on. Instead of calling it as a social media platform, it can be described as more of hybrid of a search engine and a marketplace.

To convince that you should try using this network, here’s 5 Reasons You Should Be Active In Pinterest For Your Business.

Online Traffic

Pinterest utilizes visuals and pictures in the form of pins, the equivalent to ordinary post in other social networks such as Instagram. And from these pins, businesses can easily link their websites that users can click on and be redirected there.

This is very good because it means that your website will gain more traffic and attention and potential customers will buy directly from you.

Users Are Engaged

Another thing that Pinterest have that makes it stand out from other social networks is its user engagement. People who use the platform are always looking for inspiration, new ideas or something they really want, such as a product or an article and Pinterest allows that.

Users can save the pins they like and share them with others. And when they share it with other who share the same interest and aspirations, they will save the pins and share those pins as well and this can really lead to your business gaining traction.

Users Are Willing To Buy

Because of the user engagement, the use of high-quality pictures and visual appeal and the ability for businesses to link their website to their pins, Pinterest has a userbase who are very quick and willing to start buying items off vendors compare to other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

A Local And International Market

As mentioned before, while Pinterest is not as popular as other social networks such as Facebook, it is still seeing substantial growth in popularity and currently, about half of its userbase are from outside its home country, the US. As such, your business has a very good chance of reaching not just a local market and internationally as well.

Another statistic shows that over 70% of the userbase are predominantly female. Because of this, some brands even partnered with Pinterest to promote their products. If you believe your business caters to female customers, then you expect to find a good marketplace.

Rich Pins

Pinterest has a unique feature called Rich Pins, which according to Pinterest, are special pins that automatically sync with the data from your website and will display the information from your website onto your pins in your business account. What’s more is that whenever the data from your website changes, such as a change in an article from a blog or an updated description of a product, those Rich Pins will update their content accordingly.

There are currently three types of Rich Pins; firstly, there are the Product Pins, which contains updated information regarding a product from your websites such as their availability, model, pricing et cetera. Second are the Article Pins, which are add every detail of an article or blog from your website such as the headline, sub-headline, date, author and the content of the articles and blog.

Finally, there’s the Recipe Pins. These pins will list the ingredients needed from your website as well as the diet preferences, serving size, the time needed to cook and even the ratings if you have them.

And all of these are available for anyone for free! With this feature, the pins in your business account will have the latest info so that your followers and other users can see and be updated about your products to keep them interested and direct traffic to your website.

While Pinterest has still a long way to go with if it were to stay should to should with the giants that are Facebook and Instagram, you should nonetheless consider using the social network as an untap market to grow your business on.


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