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5 Things You Should Know About Keyword Marketing

Keyword marketing may not be at the top of your priorities when you start your business. Due to its effectiveness, however, it will hopefully be implemented eventually. Here are 5 Things You Should Know About Keyword Marketing.

What Keywords Are

Keywords are the words used by customers when they search for your business on internet search engines. These may vary depending on your type of business and what customers normally associate you with.

Keywords are what clarify the purpose of your page to visitors and potential customers. As such, your page should have keywords to attract your targeted audience.

Keywords are the foundation of any good business website, allowing you to better attract customers as they scan the search results for what they are looking for. Thus, your keywords should be modified to easily catch the eyes of these potential customers.

Types Of Keywords

Keywords can be classified into many subtypes, with two being the most important to website discovery. These are broad match keywords and long-tail keywords.

Broad match keywords refer to words and phrases that apply to your business but can also apply to other businesses both within and out of your industry. These words will have a high search volume compared to others, but also has high competition as they are words used by many businesses.

Long-tail keywords, on the other hand, refer to long words and phrases that are more specific to a certain business. These cater to a more niche audience, with a lower search volume but less competition due to how specific they are.

Research Your Keywords

What keywords you choose to use for your business depends on a case-to-case basis and can be narrowed down with proper research into your keyword needs. Research on the most popular keywords in your industry and the amount of competition for them to decide if they are worth using.

Another avenue of research is your customers, which is done by thinking of common customer questions that might be asked and adding pertaining keywords for you to pop up in their search results. This will help you choose words that are likely to be searched, and thus have a larger chance to catch the eye of potential customers.

Decide On Your Keywords

When deciding on your keywords to best optimize your business website, it is important to take a few factors into account. The most important being your target audience.

Your target audience is the people that you wish to attract to your website and as such, it is important to keep their traits in mind when choosing keywords. One example of this is the language and region that they reside in as even the English language can have variations depending on the place in question.

For example, even though you are a hair salon, depending on the area you are in, customers may refer to you in different phrases such as salon or barbershop. Language is varied and it changes from region to region, thus it is important to keep that in mind when deciding on your keywords.

Analyse Your Results

It is difficult to get the marketing right the first time that it is used, this is no different from keyword marketing. As such, after implementing your chosen keywords into your marketing, it is important to always analyze the results afterward.

This is to ensure that your marketing is going smoothly, and that desired results are being had. Your results can be tracked with your website analytics, checking the frequency of users after the implementation of your keyword marketing.


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