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How Tealive Started?

Tealive, a successful bubble tea company from Malaysia.

The company was once known as Chatime but since the messy corporate divorce with La Kaffa, Bryan Loo from Loob Holdings decides to bounce back and start his own bubble tea franchise in less than 50 days.

Bryan Loo replaced its 161 Chatime outlets in Malaysia with Tealive.

The Founder

Bryan Loo was born and raised in Perlis. He graduated with a degree in biochemistry from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

After his graduation, he worked at a biotech company for two years as a salesman before becoming a chatime master franchisor for Malaysia

Loob Holding was founded in 2010 and has holdings in Malaysia's Taiwanese bubble tea known as Chatime.

How Tealive Was Created

Tealive was introduced on February 17, 2017, by Bryan Loo, who was Loob's Chief Executive Officer.

Bryan Loo launched the brand at the Pavilion KL store near the exact spot where he introduced the brewed tea six years ago before opening 165 branches by the end of 2016.

Tealive was previously known as Chatime. However, in early 2017, La Kaffa International, the parent company of Chatime decided to terminate its deal with Loob Holdings, a Bryan Loo company.

Two months after losing his Chatime franchise, Bryan Loo started his own brand which is Tealive

Vision and Mission

Tealive’s vision and mission are what have helped them to pull through and succeed.

Their mission is to expand and grow their brand within Malaysia across five countries which include Australia, China, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Thailand.

Their vision is to make their brand renowned to embrace modern technology and product innovations as the future focus of the bubble tea market.

The Name Tealive

The reason why Tealive is called Tealive is that Bryan Loo wants to tell the world that tea is our life. He has stood by the saying “tea is who we are, tea is what we stand for.”

Bryan Loo also said that "Tealive" stood out because like "Chatime", the name can be pronounced in a few different ways. Such as “tea leaf”, “tea life” and “tea alive”.

He wants to tell and show people that he and his company has moved on, managed to pull through all the hardship and struggles, and most importantly, they are not afraid of changes.

Hence, the name Tealive.

Going Global

Since its success, Tealive has 611 stores in Malaysia and the remaining outlets are available across seven countries namely Australia, Brunei, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

The company also has opened up between 120 and 150 outlets every year, including drive-thru’s and petrol station kiosks.

For people who live in rural areas, Tealive trucks are used to supply and conduct beverage sampling.


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