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How To Advertise On Facebook For My Business?

Step 1: Objective Choices

Log in to Facebook account and step into the Facebook Ad Manager page. There, go to Create to make your new ad campaign. You will be offered multiple marketing objectives based on what you wish to accomplish with your ad.

Those objectives are:

  • Brand Awareness – Introduce your brand to raise people’s understanding

  • Reach – Show your ad to as many people as possible

  • Traffic – Bring people to your website

  • Engagement – Encourage people to like, comment or share your ads

  • App Installs – Encourage people to download your app

  • Video Views – Encourage people to watch your video ad

  • Lead Generation – Encourage people to share their purchasing journey

  • Messages – Encourage people to communicate via Messenger

  • Conversions – Encourage people to make certain steps for your ad

  • Catalog Sales – Present a list of products from your store for people to browse

  • Store Traffic – Encourage people to visit your actual stores

Step 2: Campaign Naming

After choosing your preferred ad objective, you may now name your campaign.

This is useful as you might make more and more campaigns later on so you could organize them how you wanted them to.

Step 3: Budget Management

Next is setting up the budget of your ad campaign.

This is where you need to decide how much money you would spend on the campaign.

It can either be a daily budget or a lifetime budget, and later on schedule the start and end date of your campaign.

Step 4: Audience Targeting

After that, you can begin targeting your intended demographic based on factors like age, gender, language and location.

There will be meters on the side that shows estimates of how much potential reach and page likes you could get through the ad campaign.

There are also features that enables a more specific audience reach.

First is Detailed Targeting where you could choose or exclude certain aspects like interest and behaviours that you think may or may not apply to your target audience.

Second is Connections where you can target or exclude people who are connected to your brand’s Facebook page or previous ads. This way, you can either choose to reach people who are used to your brand or an entirely different demographic.

Step 5: Ad Placements

Next is choosing where you wish to place your ads.

While there is the option to use Automatic Placement, where Facebook sends your ads to places that they believe will bring the most benefit to your brand, you can also choose to place in specific areas that you wish for your ad.

Such choices are:

Device Types - Mobile, Desktop

Platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Messenger

Placements - Feeds, Stories, Messages, Searches

Operating Systems - iOS, Android

Step 6: Brand Safety

Now is to set how your ad would be displayed among different types of content.

This is to control how your brand would be viewed based on the sensitivity of certain content that it will be paired with, so that it may not be tarnished by being misplaced near content that could be explicit and excessive, like violence and sexual themes.

You can also block certain publishers and websites to not feature your ads alongside their content.

Step 7: Final Creation

The last step is to choose the ad format and you may put the necessary text and media elements for your ad.

It’s best to keep the text short, sweet and precise to what you need to market.

Once everything is set, then you are already to send your ad live on Facebook.

The types of ad formats that you would find in Facebook are:

1. Photo AdsA simple ad of an image of a product or a brand

2. Video AdsA short video of a branded commercial

3. Slideshow AdsShows slideshows of images or videos to tell a story

4. Carousel AdsShows people different image cards that leads to different links

5. Canvas AdsInteractive and visible ads that fills up the screen

6. Dynamic Product AdsAutomatic advertising to people that expressed interest in a brand via product catalog

7. Lead Form AdsAllow people to fill up a query to gain info from them

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