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How To Advertise On YouTube For My Business?

Step 1: Posting your ad on YouTube

To advertise your video, you have to upload it first.

Log in to your YouTube account via your Google account and upload your video into your channel.

Fill in any necessary details like the title, descriptions and tags that would fit with your video advertisement.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Ad Campaign

Once the video is uploaded, you’re ready to set up your ad campaign.

Go to your Google Ads account, which you can set up via your Google account.

In there, you’ll need to select a new campaign and specifically the Video option so you could advertise your video.

In the next few pages, you’ll need to configure the type of ad campaign you want to achieve by setting certain goals in mind, like increasing traffic for your website or building a brand to spread awareness.

Other configurations include naming your campaign, setting up a budget of how much you would spend a day, payment methods, selecting language and location, choosing which type of video content your ad would be displayed and selecting where you would want your video ads to appear.

Your video ads can be displayed in a few ways. You can have your ads appear next to search results on YouTube, have them appear on other YouTube videos or have them appear across other advertising avenues run by Google. You can either choose one or any combination of the three.

Step 3: Select Your Demographic

This step allows you to choose which type of demographic you wish to specifically target based on age, gender, parental status and income.

They are other ways to find the right specific audience that you can explore in order to get your ad reached to them.

Step 4: Select Where Your Ads Will Show

This step is more specific to what kind of content you think your ad is suited to appear on.

This can be by typing in certain keywords that is associated with your brand or product, or you could also choose the type of video genre that you want ad to be displayed.

This makes sure that you reach to the right demographic rather than mismarket your brand to a group that doesn’t fit with you’re selling.

Step 5: Select Your Video

Now is the time to choose the video that you wish to advertise.

This can only be done if you have uploaded it onto your YouTube so you could search for it or paste its URL.

Step 6: Select Your Video Format

Finally, it’s time to choose how you wish your ad would be viewed and recognised by your target audience.

When it comes to video ads, there are 3 types of formats that you can choose from depending on the ad that you have made.

First is the skippable ad where it allows viewers the option to skip the ad after 5 seconds of ad time. These types of video ads have a minimal length of 15-20 seconds and have no maximum length.

Second is the non-skippable ad where viewers must watch the ads before watching any YouTube video. These ads could only be 15-20 seconds long.

Lastly, there’s the bumper ads which are short 6-second non-skippable ads.

Others types of ads include image-based ads that only appear in desktop mode like overlay ads that popped up at the bottom of a video and display ads that appear beside a video.

Once you’ve selected the format of your ad, you have finally finished your YouTube ad configurations and may now continue your campaign.


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