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Top 5 Mini Marts In Johor

Mini marts, stores that sell food and sometimes goods but not as big as a supermarket. They are hailed for their convenience as they are located in plenty of places. Here are the Top 5 Mini Marts In Johor.

Family Mart

Family Mart is a Japanese convenience store franchise chain, the second-largest just behind 7-Eleven. It has gone international and there are now 24,574 stores worldwide in Japan, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Family Mart opened its first store in Malaysia in 2016 and since then, it has been expanding all over the country. It carries all the usual Japanese convenience store items such as basic grocery items, magazines, manga, drinks, and food including, fried chicken, onigiri, and bento.

In Johor, the number of Family Mart outlets is a far cry from how it was just a few years ago as more and more stores open. Family Mart is a mini-mart that brings a taste of Japanese culture to Malaysia in a place of convenience.


Nice2CU or CU Mart is a South Korean convenience store chain that was formed in Korea after the boom in the success of Family Mart in the country and the expiry of its franchise license. It was formed to establish a Korean-style convenience store chain for customers to enjoy.

Nice2CU brings with it Korean convenience store items, along with Korean drinks, and Korean foods in its store. This is all to fulfill their goal of bringing the Korean experience internationally, and it is no different in Malaysia as they had launched several of their stores all over the country, including Johor.

myNews is a retail convenience store chain that was formed in Malaysia, where it continues to operate today. Since its launch, it has grown to be the largest homegrown retail convenience store chain in Malaysia.

Since the opening of the flagship store in 1996, has had more than 452 outlets, most of which are in Peninsular Malaysia. Outlets carry products ranging from magazines to convenience products such as household items, food and beverage, personal hygiene, and pharmaceutical products, along with services depending on the outlet such as pre-paid top-ups and bill payments.


7-Eleven, arguably the most recognizable convenience store in Malaysia, is an American chain that is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Founded in 1927 as an icehouse storefront and as of November 2021, it operates, franchises, and licenses 78,029 stores in 19 countries and territories.

7-Eleven’s most famous product is the Slurpee, a carbonated slushie that can be bought at its various outlets. It also provides customers with various foods that include bakery food, both hot and cold drinks, other utility items, and pharmaceutical products.

7-Eleven also provides services to its customers which includes Touch ‘n Go Reload, mobile reloads, gift cards, and bill payments. 7-Eleven also accepts both credit and debit cards, along with e-wallet payments at its outlets.

99 Speed Mart

99 Speed Mart is a Malaysian chain of convenience stores, going from a singular store during its founding in 1987 to having more than 1,750 outlets in 2020. 99 Speed Mart is the mini-market to go to as a Malaysian for an easy alternative to a further supermarket.

It carries with it groceries, which include fresh produce, frozen meats, and other such items. 99 Speed Mart also provides food and beverage items, household items, personal hygiene, pharmaceutical products, and stationery.

99 Speed Mart was a Malaysia-only chain until recently, where it started its international expansion by opening a store in Singapore. However, a majority of its outlets are still located in Peninsular Malaysia, which includes Johor.


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