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Top 10 Grocery Stores In Johor

Living in society today, it is easy to procure goods that your daily lifestyle depends on. This is unlike the past when shopping was inconvenient. We have grocery stores to thank for this and here are the Top 10 Grocery Stores In Johor.

Ben’s Independent Grocer

Ben’s Independent Grocer, also known as B.I.G, can be found in the Mall of Medini located in Johor. It is a large store, providing 35,000 square feet of fresh groceries and delicious food.

As such a large store, each of its sections is larger than usual along with wider than average aisles for shoppers to walk through. It also has an indoor play area, a café, and an eatery area with all sorts of food choices for whatever you crave.

Village Grocer

Village Grocer is a chain of premium grocers across Johor with plans to be known as the leading premium supermarket chain in Malaysia. Village Grocer sources a wide range of fresh produce and specialty goods in Malaysia.

Village Grocer takes the shopping experience of customers seriously, which won them the BrandLaureate BestBrands Award in the Premium Grocers category for 2016-2017. This earned them the comment of “Shopping at Village Grocer gives a wonderful and engaging experience as consumers get a good selection of quality products” from the BrandLaureate committee.

Cold Storage

Cold Storage started its operation in Malaysia in the year 1963 and is still operating today. Since it started operation, Cold Storage has been a trusted name in fresh produce as well as top-quality local and imported products.

This grocery store offers a wide range of the freshest produce and products. It also has a built-in cafe, ready-to-eat meals as well as friendly customer service to ensure a great shopping experience.


NSK is a hypermarket that combines retail and wholesale businesses. This would bring a different shopping experience for customers to enjoy.

NSK offers a wide range of products, including groceries, fresh produce, and various other household items. Feedback from customers about NSK has shown that the cost of their products is lower than average, which is something to look out for as a thrifty spender.

Jaya Grocer

Jaya Grocer is a supermarket that provides fresh produce and high-quality products to its customers. They strive to meet this standard of quality each and every day in order to fulfill the needs of their customers.

In order to do this, Jaya Grocer has a strong relationship with its suppliers. This allows them to source the needed goods such as seasonal fruits, organic produce, high-quality meats, and other premium goods from around the world.


HeroMarket is a supermarket chain in Johor that has low retail prices, which is enticing for those looking to get their groceries for cheap. It is known as a one-stop-shop, carrying with it a wide variety of products for you to get everything you need in one location.

They have a fresh market concept. This paired with their clean and modern environment gives customers an enjoyable shopping experience.


Giant started in 1944 as a provision store and today, it has grown into Malaysia’s top mass-market retailer of everyday items. It has a total of 46 stores located across peninsular Malaysia and Johor is also home to Giant stores.

Giant provides the ideal shopping experience to customers by providing fresh produce. This is then followed up by their ‘freshness promise’, which guarantees satisfaction on fresh products with a refund if you are not.


Lotus’s, formally known to many as Tesco, has been dropping the name Tesco and instead changing its store names into Lotus’s. Although this might cause confusion, the interior of the stores is largely the same as the Tesco that we have known for years.

The supermarket chain offers affordable groceries for shoppers. This comes with the confidence that the products you will be picking up are of quality and are sourced from fresh sources.


Aeon is yet another spot in Johor that you can visit for your grocery needs. It carries a variety of products, from their international imports to their local market.

Aeon has been a mainstay for Malaysians when it comes to grocery shopping. With plentiful options in products and sores all over Malaysia, Aeon is a dependable choice for grocery shopping.


Econsave is a supermarket chain situated in Malaysia. Founded in 1955, as of 2021, it has over 57 locations in peninsular Malaysia.

Econsave has the vision to become the front-runner supermarket of Malaysian in which consumers can obtain great bargains and save from grocery shopping. They certainly succeeded with some of the lowest prices for the best value in products, Econsave is a place that you can check out for your grocery shopping.

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