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What Are Commercial Video Ads And How To Use Them

With advertising, consumers can be more aware of people, places or products, more specifically brands. In most instances, advertisers tend to seek to increase interest in buying a product or visiting a place. With commercial advertising, one important aspect of it is that it creates demand or a perceived need for something.

The Effectiveness Of Commercial Video Ads

These advertisements tend to act as an offer of a solution to consumers by giving the consumer a reason to want. Companies often use this technique in an effort to try and impress patrons with the promise that they will be satisfied once the service or item is bought.

The Viability Of Creating A Good Commercial Video Ad

With the invention of the internet, the advertisement industry was forced to adapt and revolutionize itself to fit the trends of the modern world. Most of the time, people would consume an gigantic amount of online video content, each personalized for millions of people. Whether it’s a makeup tutorials or a video game let’s play or walkthrough, people now engage the world including businesses online and through video.

Of course, there is always a silver lining, now that video content is no longer exclusively owned by network broadcasting stations or any other large conglomerate. Now anyone can create video ads as it’s more affordable! You can even just use a smartphone as the only equipment needed to create one.

Focusing On Your Audience

Understanding who your demographic is with the video will help create an effective video marketing campaign. Although, video ads are often targeted to fairly large groups of people, its still essential to know who your ad is specifically made for as it will help exponentially in catching attention and new patrons or consumers.

One tip when trying to identify your audience is diversity in ads. Although it may be a hassle to create six to seven ads of the same product, all targeted to specific and different demographics, it’s far better than a lazy and unorganized mess that is supposed to target the general public. You wouldn’t want to hurt your credibility from both the company that hired you and the consumers for thinking that you’re incompetent by creating a lazy advert.

Invoking Emotions Through The Power Of Commercial Video Ads

Just because you work in video marketing doesn’t mean you’re an emotionless robot. Take advantage of your empathy with this industry’s unique multimedia experience. Creating scripts for people to relate to, evoking emotions is a great way to catch your target audience’s attention.

Through the art of moving images, words and music, be prepared to aim to pull some heartstrings. Whether you make them laugh or cry or angry, it will increase the prospect that your audience will remember your business and would love to get involved. Generally speaking, you can use whatever emotion but do keep in mind that the emotion is right for your product.

Traits Of A High Quality Commercial Video Ad

One question that one could make is: what makes a good ad good? Firstly, there are many traits when it comes to what makes a good ad. One of them being that they are memorable. The most successful ads have a way of being catchy despite your efforts in trying to forget them.

Another trait of a high quality ad is that they’re shareworthy. In a sense, your ad should make people desire to talk about it with their peers in both real life and on social media for maximum exposure. They also capture the brand’s voice and identity, communicating the philosophy behind the corporation.

Lastly, its absolutely a must that an effective commercial makes it clear what it wants the future consumer to do next, whether it’s to ask them to visit a website or buy a house. Despite some advertisers skipping this step, being able to subtly integrate your brand in your advertisements will help tremendously although it may be risky to get away with this unless you’re a huge brand like Apple or IKEA.


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