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Why You Should Be Active On Instagram For Your Business

As one of the world’s leading social media platforms with 1.3 billion active users, Instagram is an immensely popular with people around the world. With this in mind, Instagram is also a great place to set up (an online) shop and develop a customer base through advertisements on the platform.

Now the question is, “Why should I choose to advertise my products and services through this particular platform?” Here are a few reasons why you should be active on Instagram for your business.

Setup Is Simple

The first reason is simply because advertising on Instagram is simple to carry out. To create a business account, all you’d need to do is to go to your account settings, tap ‘Switch to professional account’, and select ‘Business’. From there, you have access to various tools to advertise your business and its products like post boosting and a personalized marketing plan.

If you ever run into any problems with setting up advertisements, Instagram is there to help you. In addition to their detailed FAQs section on advertising as well as their tutorial blogs on their website, Instagram guides users as they create their advertisements by providing them with parameters for their goal, audience, budget and duration.

A Variety Of Methods

As Instagram is a multimedia platform centered around sharing picture and video posts, there are plenty of ways in which users are able to express their creativity. This applies to business owners as well who would have to know not just what to advertise and whom to advertise to, but also how best to advertise.

If you want to advertise in users’ Instagram feeds quickly and quietly, you can opt to use a simple poster image, carousel ads or even boosted posts. Alternatively, you have the option of being bombastic with your ads through Instagram stories, IGTV or Reels.

Business owners can even go to Instagram Shop to sell products to interested customers through the platform itself. This can save you the time and money that would have been spent on a dedicated online website and storefront.

Ads In Everyone’s Hands

Instagram as an application is optimized for smartphones what with its various sharing and creation features being built around smartphone architecture (photo and video sharing) as well as how content on the platform is intended to be instantly engaged with. Thus, Instagram is best and most often used as a mobile app.

Keeping in mind that many people nowadays make use of smartphones and social media apps like Instagram, there is a vast market of users that you can easily and directly advertise your products and services to. Put simply, there is no shortage of people whom your business can directly appeal to through Instagram.

Opportunities For Direct Engagement

To add on the potential market of users to be found on Instagram, there is also plenty of opportunity for directly engaging with customers. As advised by Instagram, you can like comments on your posts, converse with them and make mentions of specific users in certain posts.

Constant engagement is incredibly vital on Instagram as it ensures that potential customers become followers of your business. Your followers are very likely to keep buying your products and possibly promote your business through sharing with other Instagram users.

To put it another way, direct engagement presents you with both the possibility for consistent business and the possibility for friendly relationships and partnerships on Instagram.

Go Further With Facebook

Lastly, Instagram is owned by Facebook and thus connected to Facebook in many significant ways. Most relevant to businesses is Facebook Ad Manager, which offers further advertising customization to businesses operating on either platform.

If you’re already advertising on Facebook, then you can directly configure your advertisements on Instagram using Facebook Ad Manager as well.

To conclude, your business stands to benefit for several reasons from being active on Instagram. So if you think your business is right for online advertising AND you’ve got a penchant for creativity and friendly chatting, give advertising on Instagram a shot!


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