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Why You Should Create Video Content For Your Business

The modern era brings with it many new ways to advertise and market your business, and video content is one of them. Approximately one billion hours of videos are watched every single day, and if you’re not already creating video content for you’re business, then here’s why you should definitely consider it.

People Love Watching Videos

On YouTube, approximately one billion hours of video content is watched every single day across the globe. Twitter has revealed that videos receive 2 billion views on their application each day and Facebook video views go up to about 8 billion a day. People enjoy watching videos, and creating video content for your business can ensure you reach a larger audience as people are more likely to engage with a video than with any other form of advertising.

Easy To Process

Videos are undoubtedly a lot easier to process and digest compared to lengthy, wordy articles. This is because visual cues help memory processing and memory recall. Instead of writing an article to promote your business, consider creating a video instead. Not only are videos more engaging and captivating, they are also much easier to understand compared to long texts. Therefore, creating video content for your business will convey your message clearly to your audience.

Visual Marketing Can Explain A Lot

Creating a video to show how your product works helps with engagement. Most people flock to YouTube to look up guides or explainer videos to better understand a product or a service, and most of the time, videos work better than articles because there is a visual representation of what is going on, and a lot of information can be condensed into one video. Studies have shown that 70% of people bought from a brand after watching a video on their product.

Videos Show Up On Search Engines

Try Googling something simple, like how to cook a chicken. Notice how there is a dedicated section for videos in your search results? Correctly tagged videos have a chance of showing up when a person searches for something with similar tags, which gives your business an advantage of being found in a general search. This attracts views to your video, and in turn boosts the marketing of your product or service.

Videos Attract Mobile Users

90% of consumers watch videos on their phone- and why wouldn’t they? It’s easy, accessible, and you can watch them virtually anywhere. Creating video content for your business ensures that you will be able to reach an even larger audience. The more people using their phones to watch a video, the larger your potential audience. According to Google, mobile phone users are around 1.4 times more likely to watch an advertisement compared to those using computers, laptops or televisions. Mobile users are also more likely to share videos, as it is just a few simple taps away.

Suffice to say, creating video content can be a powerful marketing tool for your business, especially in this day and age. Videos can be used in a variety of ways across multiple different platforms- short and sweet Tiktok videos, disappearing Instagram stories or just regular YouTube videos. The next time you’re trying to come up with something to advertise or market your product or service, trying making a video! It doesn’t take long, and if done well, they can have a good return on investments!


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