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Why You Should Be Active on YouTube For Your Business?

YouTube is a streaming platform that is globally used to view and stream videos of all sorts and all types. It is the most popular video streaming platform, and the second most popular search engine worldwide, with about 2 billion users. Which is why, it is one of the best places to market and advertise your business. Here are 5 reasons why you need to be Active on YouTube for your Business!

Wide Reach And Large Audience

With over 2 billion monthly users, as compared to Facebook 2.7 billion monthly users, YouTube is the platform that reaches a very large audience, globally. Thus, using YouTube to advertise your product and your business will garner larger attention and recognition for your business.

Second Most Popular Search Engine

YouTube was bought by Google in 2006, and ever since, it has become the second most popular Search Engine in the world. Every minute, there is someone in the world who is typing in the search bar of the video platform to find information on something.

Being a business who is advertising on YouTube, it is very easy for your potential customers and existing customers to find you and know more about your business and your products.

The Appeal Of Videos Over Other Ad-Formats

It is said that consumers are more likely to be more attentive and swayed by video ads over other ad formats such as written materials like newspaper ads, Instagram and Facebook posts and so on.

This is because videos are more interacting and engaging as compared to other ad-formats. Since YouTube is a video streaming platform, using it to promote your business in the form of video ads will definitely garner attention.

Cross-Posting To Other Social Media Platforms

YouTube isn’t the end of the advertisement field that you can rush into, rather, it is the start. YouTube’s popularity comes from the fact that you can share any video on YouTube with other people through other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook

As well as links in the form of unique URL-s that are specific to each video to share through message-service apps like WhatsApp and Instant Messaging. So you can use YouTube to be promoting your brand across a wide arena and reaching a large audience.

Starting A YouTube Channel Is Easy

While hiring a marketing agency and marketing strategist, planning a marketing strategy and allocating a budget to it may seem daunting, especially to someone who is just setting out with a business, YouTube advertising is relatively easier.

It’s easy to create a YouTube channel for your product by linking an email account to your channel and uploading your videos. It is as simple as that!

Researchers expect that by 2022, about 84% of internet traffic will be consumed in the way of video watching and sharing, and YouTube is expected to be a major part of that data. Start advertising your business on YouTube today!


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